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Personnel matters should be handled as quickly as possible, appropriately and on an ongoing basis

Many employers find themselves handling ongoing and often overwhelming personnel matters. 

Maybe you think it was a one-off. Hopefully, your assessment is correct. However, problems arise when you continue to think like that in spite of the fact that the misconduct is repeated regularly.

Communication A and O


As with most things in life, good communication is a prerequisite for being able to handle emerging situations. If you try to introduce a way of working that is based on ongoing open dialogue between the supervisor and the employee, the handling of any mismanagement amongst other things will be easier to handle.


If an employee acts in an inappropriate manner and continues to do so despite warnings, it may constitute grounds for termination and in some cases, even dismissal. 

However, high demands are placed on the employer in these cases. For example, if he wants to base a dismissal on the employee's shortcomings or behaviour this will be difficult to do. "Mismanagement" is a fairly broad concept in this context and includes everything from the employee not doing their job correctly, to the fact that they arrive late or do not maintain an adequate standard of hygiene. As described above, communication is vital in handling mismanagement. Without clearly communicating where the employee has been deficient and clarifying what they should do instead, the employee will not be considered sufficiently 'conscious', which in turn will lead to the employer having difficulty achieving objective grounds. 

Disagreements, cooperation problems, incidents

There will eventually be irritations, disagreements or difficulties when you gather a group of people to work together. We almost dare to say it is inevitable. As such, it is important for companies to have a clear and consistent approach to handling these issues.

Is it clear and obvious who or what you should turn to in various matters as an employee?

Are those who have been delegated handling responsibilities in specific matters competent enough to handle it?

A good collaboration with any union can be good and it is often advantageous to have occupational health care to turn to when questions concerning an employee's health arise. 

Being able to handle disagreements or cooperation problems is a prerequisite for being able to work successfully within the work environment. Here you can read more about work environment work.

Do you need legal advice regarding your staff?

Contact us for personnel advice

In many cases, law firms and legal representatives offer free initial advice that is defined for a very limited time.  Often that time is barely enough to assess the legal aspects of the issue. We aim to always have a good dialogue with our clients regarding our work.


We work with several different solutions for debiting - including through service agreements, fixed prices and price caps and work with debiting for time spent.  Contact us for a discussion about your case._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

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