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Legal issues in the manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing industry, the legal issues are complex and in many cases very important for the business.

Contracts that regulate purchasing, sales and production are often complex and difficult to interpret. Not infrequently, the contracts actually consist of a number of different agreements that are applied in a certain order, and these can be standard contracts or company-specific contracts. These can be difficult to interpret and it is often tricky to get a clear picture of what commitments they entail. 


Many larger companies have a well-established routine for how contracts are carried out in the business. if you are selling to or purchasing from these larger companies, you should carefully review the business contracts before accepting the terms. You should be careful not to take responsibility for circumstances beyond your control. You should also be well acquainted with what the contract regulates regarding insurance, internal policies and routines. You should also be aware of what your responsibilities are e.g. patent infringement or in the event of a dispute.

By being knowledgeable and following a reliable structure, you can reduce the risks your business is exposed to. In many cases, a lack of insight into the contract can leave you exposed to a higher risk of negative consequences - without careful observation, you may even be completely unaware that such risks existed. It is important to seek help in interpreting a contract if you cannot fully interpret it on your own. Too many people enter into a contract without understanding its meaning, in some cases without even looking at the contract before accepting it. 

There are a number of relevant production contracts that you should be well acquainted with if you work regularly in manufacturing, such as NL 17, NL 09, Incoterms and NLS 10.

We negotiate, draw up and revise contracts

We can support you in negotiating, establishing and revising contracts relating to manufacturing and industry. Through close collaboration with industry organizations and experience in supporting industrial companies in contract processes, we are able to ensure that manufacturing companies are operating under the right conditions, regardless of their size. 


We strive for our clients to develop skills to equip them to better manage their business. We want to ensure that our clients get reasonable and appropriate terms and that they are suitably equipped to handle their next contract negotiation. Our aim is that our clients fully understand the meaning of their contract which will, in turn, reduce risks in the future.

Service contract

Companies that have a service contract with us have access to ongoing advice from competent lawyers who have good experience in supporting clients with contract issues relating, amongst other things, to manufacturing. 

Like a lawyer in the room next door.

Read more about our service agreements.

Complex and difficult to interpret contracts?

We support entire industries and individual companies in negotiating, establishing and revising agreements. Get in touch with us, we will tell you more about what we can do for you and your business.

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