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We apply general terms and conditions for our services. The following conditions apply in connection with assignments that we start on 17 September 2020 or later.

Contact us for information on previous versions.

General delivery terms CvZ Juridik AB



Application and interpretation

These terms apply to all advice provided within the framework of CvZ Juridik AB (hereinafter "CvZ") and other organizations related to CvZ.


'CvZ', 'CvZ Juridik', 'Agent' or 'Contractor' refers to the sender in the advice. Advice can be given through CvZ or a partner to CvZ and refers to work that is performed within the framework of CvZ's operations. The counselling is performed by CvZ or someone else who puts it in its place.

'Assignments' and 'Matters' refer to questions or other matters to which the work relates. This includes, not exclusively, work with advice, case management and disputes that are carried out within CvZ's advisory activities. The contractor is CvZ and never an individual lawyer.

'Subscriber' means a legal entity that holds a valid service agreement (´Service Agreement´) between itself and CvZ Law.

'Client' refers to a subscriber, client or other natural or legal person who uses CvZ's advisory activities.

CvZ has the right to change these general terms and conditions at any time and without this being specifically notified to the Client.

Assignments and matters are activated through explicit inquiries or other contact regarding the Assignment. This can be done orally, in writing or in conclusion. In the event of ambiguities regarding the Activation of the Assignment and CvZ's responsibility for the assignment, they are assessed on the basis of CvZ's opinion.


Execution of the assignment

CvZ always reserves the right to refuse or refuse Assignments at any time without further justification.

Both CvZ and the Client have the right to terminate the Assignment without further justification. If it is the Client who terminates the Assignment, CvZ is always entitled to compensation for time spent and reasonable compensation for termination of the Assignment.

If CvZ chooses to refuse or resign Assignment, this can be done without CvZ having an obligation to justify the reasons for this. Reasons for Assignment being denied or dismissed may be due to - not exclusively - discrepancies, lack of time, cooperation problems with the Client or lack of competence.

CvZ intends to handle matters in an urgent manner with the Client's interests and its reputation and in focus. CvZ has the right to carry out the Assignment in a manner that CvZ deems appropriate in the individual case and reserves the right to refuse certain handling of the Assignment.

It is the Client's responsibility to inform its employees and other representatives of the power and authority of the representative. CvZ has at all times the right to assume that the person representing a Client has a legal right to do so. At the request of CvZ, the client must always prove the identity and competence of representatives.

The advice that CvZ provides is based on the information that the Contractor provides to CvZ. It is therefore the Client's responsibility to ensure that CvZ receives all information that may be of interest to the Assignment.

The legal situation and its conditions may change and it is not the responsibility of CvZ to keep the Client updated or otherwise inform when the conditions change.


The client is responsible for communication that does not take place directly via CvZ to the right recipient. CvZ is not responsible for the protection and dissemination of the recipient.

It is the Client's responsibility to inform CvZ if he wishes communication to be handled in a manner other than digital.

Information that CvZ receives from the Client is covered by confidentiality and CvZ is responsible for ensuring that the information is not made available to any party who does not have a justified interest in accessing it with regard to confidentiality. CvZ has the right to internally notify persons that CvZ finds has a legitimate interest and to disclose the information to external advisers, provided that these are covered by the same confidentiality obligation as CvZ.


As a Subscriber, companies have the right to take part in CvZ's services to varying degrees, special conditions are stated in the Service Agreement.

CvZ has the right to invoice Clients and Subscribers for advice. CvZ's intention is to have a dialogue with the Client and the Subscriber before debiting a case. However, CvZ always has the right to charge for work that according to the previous point is not included in the Service Agreement, even if no special dialogue regarding charging has taken place.


The starting point is that what is not explicitly covered by the signed Service Agreement is charged per hour. The level of the fee is determined by a number of aggregate factors, for example - but not exclusively - time spent, the complexity of the Assignment, the required expertise for the Execution of the Assignment, time aspects and results. If it is deemed necessary to prepare or carry out work tasks on time that falls outside normal office hours, a special fee is charged, which normally consists of a 50% supplement to the hourly fee.

If the opportunity arises, an agreement on price can be reached. Such an agreement applies until the conditions for handling the Assignment change and should not be seen as a fixed price.

If the circumstances surrounding the handling of the case change, regardless of the basis for this, CvZ always has the right to adjust the pricing after this has been pointed out to the Client.

The client is responsible for the ancillary costs that the assignment entails for CvZ, such as, for example, but not exclusively travel costs, possible housing costs, postage, register extracts, etc.

CvZ has the right to request an advance. Amounts paid in advance will be deducted from future fees and expenses. The costs may exceed or be less than the advance. If the total amount is less than the advance payment, the excess part is paid back to the Client within 30 days after the completion of the assignment.

It is always the Client who is responsible for payment for the Assignment. If the Assignment refers to more than one client, they are always jointly and severally liable for CvZ's compensation.

CvZ always has the right to invoice the customer as above with a 10-day payment period. Shorter payment periods may apply.

In addition to fees and costs, VAT is added.


Responsibility and right to work

CvZ is responsible for storing documents that have not been served on the Client or as CvZ

holds in original.

The Client has the right to take part in documentation that is essential in the Assignment. The documentation must, if necessary or at the request of the Client, be notified to the Client in digital form without delay.

The work that is produced as well as documentation and results that are produced or otherwise produced and produced within the Assignment always belong to CvZ, but the Client has the right to use results for the purposes for which the documentation has been produced. Documentation may not be distributed or published without the written consent of CvZ.

The Client gives CvZ the right to refer to the Client for marketing purposes.

CvZ does not otherwise have the right to disseminate or otherwise disclose information about the Assignment.


In the event that the Client considers that there are deficiencies in CvZ's performance of the Assignment, the work must be reported to CvZ immediately when the deficiency was discovered or should have been discovered. Complaints must be made in writing and with a clear account of where the deficiency exists.

CvZ has the right to represent the Client in matters relating to compensation claims pursuant to this

agreement. If no such opportunity is provided, no liability can be claimed from CvZ.

Complaints or objections to work done do not release the Client from payment responsibility for agreed or work done.


In the case of advice and matters of a legal nature, it is generally very difficult to assess or promise an actual outcome. For that reason, no guarantees can be given for the results of the Assignment. CvZ is never responsible for results or outcomes and undertakes the Assignment to the best of its ability.

CvZ's liability for advice only includes liability for material defects and negligence. However, CvZ does not take responsibility for errors that are directly or indirectly due to or affected by the fact that information or conditions were incorrect or incomplete regarding the Assignment and its circumstances.

CvZ is never responsible for advising on matters that fall within the jurisdiction other than Swedish law. In the event of advice in other jurisdictions, these are indications and CvZ therefore does not take any responsibility for such advice or handling of such Assignment.

Any assessment of the outcome of the Assignment is based only on the legal issue, information and documentation that was available at the time of the Assignment's execution. CvZ takes no responsibility for the use of information outside the current Assignment.

CvZ's liability is limited, notwithstanding what is stated in other points in this agreement, to the Service Agreement's annual fee or in the case of charged advice up to a price base amount according to the price base amount according to the Social Insurance Code (2010: 110). CvZ's liability is limited to direct damages and CvZ cannot be held liable for indirect damages or damages to third parties. The liability does not cover tax or fee consequences as a result of advice or handling. The client is generally obliged to limit any damage as far as possible.

The damage is limited to actual damage and does not include things that are protected by the Client

through taken out or should be taken out insurance.


Through the Assignment, it is the Client's responsibility to ensure that in relevant cases there is consent regarding the handling of personal data. If the conditions or legal basis for the storage of personal data change, the Client is responsible for providing information about this to CvZ. Liability for the processing of personal data that turns out to be unsupported in legal grounds, rests solely with the Client or Subscriber.

Anyone whose personal data is stored at CvZ has the right to take part in the personal data stored by CvZ in accordance with current personal data legislation.

CvZ undertakes to provide the current personal data policy upon request. The client undertakes to keep up to date with CvZs' current personal data policy.


Applicable law and dispute

Swedish law shall be applied to issues relating to these general terms and conditions.

Disputes that arise in connection with these general terms and conditions shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Rules for Simplified Arbitration for the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce's Arbitration Institute.

CvZ always has the opportunity to pursue claims and apply for an order for payment at  general court.

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