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We provide employment law and business law support to companies and organizations.

CvZ Juridik is a law firm with efficient and business-oriented solutions in focus. We value providing clear and concrete legal services to best benefit our clients by reducing the risks faced by entrepreneurs and by helping to create business opportunities. Our services are provided in a pragmatic and accessible way. We cater to both large and established companies, as well as to smaller, fast-growing, companies. 

Here at CvZ Juridik, we facilitate the handling of legal challenges facing companies in every respect. We do this by acting as your in-house lawyer remotely and by providing tailor-made legal package solutions. By using this approach, unlike traditional lawyers and employers' organizations, we can and want to work more closely with our clients. 

As a legal function in the room next door.

We are here to help when the question arises, when the dispute is a fact and with everything in between.

There is a lot to keep track of as an entrepreneur.

By transferring any legal issues you face into the hands of our competent lawyers, you can focus your full attention on developing your business. Read more about what structure CvZ Juridik can create to cater for your needs through our advantageous service contracts.

We offer legal advice within:

Business law

Legal challenges arise in business on a regular basis. Whether large or small, these must be addressed. Our lawyers are equipped with extensive experience in handling issues relating to business law. 

Labor law

We provide advice and support for issues relating to human resources and employment law. Utilising our solid experience in the area, we follow a solution-oriented approach in order to create the optimum conditions for our clients to be able to focus on their operations. Save your time and energy by leaving us to handle any lengthy or complicated personnel issues you encounter.

Industry law


Regardless of which industry you are in, there will undoubtedly be challenges that exclusively apply to your sector. Industry-specific law has emerged in many industries to cater for these issues.


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