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Sometimes a dispute is inevitable. When a business law dispute arises, it is important to choose the right representation.

Our employees have solid experience in dispute resolution and always have your business interest in focus.

We handle disputes concerning:

  • Employees or unions

  • Co-owners issues

  • Manufacturing and production

  • Construction and contracting

  • Agreements and contracts

  • Purchase, sales and trading agreements

  • Damages and complaints

  • IT agreement

Dispute resolution

A large part of running a business is being able to manage and assess risks. In most cases, the collaboration between customers, employees and suppliers works well. Where problems arise, they can usually be solved through discussion between the parties. 

However, in some cases the dispute becomes inevitable. The reasons for this can vary, but a common cause is a damaged relationship that results in a lack of trust between the parties. Shortcomings in contract design or differing intentions between parties can also cause disputes.


It can also be the result of shortcomings in contract design or intentions with collaborations. Where the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation and discussion, a party may choose to take legal action to safeguard its interests. This is ultimately done by suing the other party in court or other dispute resolution institutions. 

When you end up in such a situation, it is of utmost importance that you receive advice on how to safeguard your interests. 

How best to safeguard these interests depends entirely on the conditions of the case.

  • How important is it to maintain the relationship with the other party?

  • What are the important aspects of the dispute?

  • What are the pros and cons of winning a lawsuit?

  • What does the parties' ability to pay look like now and in the long term? 

Our competence - Party negotiations as court proceedings

Our lawyers have extensive experience in both party hearings and court hearings. We start by assessing the conditions of each individual case to ensure that the interests of our clients are protected as much as possible - regardless of what the situation entails. 

By working closely with our clients and ensuring that their interests are in focus, we aim to build a relationship of trust with our clients in order to help our clients resolve the dispute in question and also where necessary, to develop the tools in order to avoid similar disputes arising in the future. 

Contact us to discuss your case.

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