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Working environment

For many, employment rights can be perceived as difficult to grasp. What exactly should be done to keep the inspectors from the Swedish Work Environment Authority satisfied? What actions can you take to ensure health and well-being in the workplace?


We offer training that aims to ensure that you as an employer know how to create the right work environment. Regardless of whether you are already actively working to ensure an appropriate work environment or if you are wondering where to start, our courses are right for you.

We offer webinars and courses in subjects such as:


  • Cooperation - a practical guide regarding how to best work with systematic employment rights.

  • Work environment work for managers, HR and safety representatives

  • Organizational and social employment rights in practice

  • How to achieve collaboration?

Do you need legal advice?

Attend a seminar without partaking in our online courses now. If you have a service agreement with us, you can engage in our previous seminars when you are logged in.

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