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Construction Law

Construction law is a branch of contract law. There are specific elements of legislation that relate exclusively to construction law, for example, procurement. In addition to the Contracts Act, standard agreements are prominent in this area of law through AB04, ABT 06, ABTU 07, ABM 07 etc. 
The role of these agreements is to form the basis for the often large construction contracts that are concluded between clients and contractors. 

We offer both shorter webinars and longer courses in construction law.

Examples of current courses in construction law we offer:

Basic course AB04 and ABT 06 

  • Basic review of the most important provisions in AB 04 and ABT 06 (e.g. scope of the contract, changes and additional work, obstacles and disruptions, warranty periods, errors and liability issues, finances and inspection, etc.)

  • Overview of particularly important differences in ABT 06; the scope of the commitment, alterations and additional work and warranty periods etc.


More about AB04 / ABT 06 chap. 6 § 3 

  • Relates to the contractor's opportunities to bring about a change in cost despite the fact that a fixed price has been agreed without indexation - an issue that has been relevant during the pandemic due to the sharply rising material and raw material prices.

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