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Advice and support in business legal challenges

Legal challenges arise in business on a regular basis. Whether large or small, these must be addressed. Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling issues in the field of business law.


We work in a pragmatic and solution-oriented manner with our clients' business interests in focus. This means that we can offer cost-effective solutions.


We can assist with the preparation and/or review of commercial agreements such as confidentiality agreements, international delivery terms, shareholder agreements, retention of titles and license agreements etc.


Through our legal services, our clients can receive legal support at a competitive low fixed annual cost. This means that the risk of errors or challenges, that can be costly in terms of time and money, are significantly reduced.


You choose the scope you need and how much support you want.


See our pricing models here.

We help with:

  • Review and interpretation of agreements.

  • Preparation of contract documents.

  • Support and agents in case of dispute.

  • Act as a sounding board for important contract negotiations.

  • Templates and cribs.

Do you need legal advice?

Contact us today!

Do not hesitate to contact us with your business law challenges. Our services must be provided in a pragmatic and accessible way, for large and established companies as well as for smaller, fast-growing companies.

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