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Through solid legal experience and a solution-oriented approach, we create the right conditions for our clients to be able to focus on their businesses instead of spending time and energy on lengthy or complicated personnel issues. 

We provide advice and support for issues relating to human resources and employment law. Our extensive advice includes information and advice in employment law in general; interpretation and support when signing and applying collective agreements and also concrete handling of complicated personnel matters. Regardless of whether your company is an existing or new client, you are always welcome to contact us.

Are you facing dismissal or are you considering hiring new staff? Are you unsure whether your situation qualifies as a factual basis for dismissal? Where an employee has failed to meet the obligations of their role, is this a sufficient reason for dismissal?  Should you choose temporary or general fixed-term employment? Do you have questions about the use of probationary employment? Do you need help interpreting the law on holidays?

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Our motto is that there are no stupid questions and you should always feel welcome to call about everything. 

Regardless of whether we function as your only legal channel or as a complement to the existing in-house lawyer or HR department, we are always just a call or an email away. 


Through our legal service, our clients can, at a competitive low fixed annual cost, receive legal support, in order to lower the risk of making mistakes and to prevent you from ending up with time-consuming and costly challenges.


The scope of support depends entirely on your wants and needs.

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We help with:

  • General advice on employment law issues. 

  • Advice on signing or applying suspension agreements / collective agreements. 

  • We can act as agents in labor law negotiations. 

  • Dialogue with the union. 

  • Work environment - for example preparation or review of work environment handbook or work environment policy, advice and practical guidance on the ongoing work with systematic and psychosocial work environment. 

  • Labor disputes and conflicts. 

  • Templates, guides and forms. 

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Do you need legal advice?

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Do not hesitate to contact us with your employment law challenges. 

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