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Collective agreement - suspension agreement
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Over 60% of Sweden's companies do not have a collective agreement

​The labor law legislation in Sweden is not very comprehensive. Instead, the responsibility for handling the regulations regarding employment conditions and rights and obligations in the employment has been handed over to the social partners through agreements. These can be conditions such as the right to an occupational pension, the right to overtime pay and the minimum wage.

Despite the fact that so much is left to the market itself to regulate, over 60% of Swedish companies have not signed collective agreements. Many of Swedish companies do not have employees and those who have employees but who do not have a collective agreement relate in many cases to a norm or to a specific collective agreement.

Alexander Clomén och  Vanessa von Zweigbergk Vanessa von Zweigbergk, CvZ Juridik

CvZ Juridik's lawyers have extensive knowledge of collective agreement law and have experience of advising on collective agreements in both industrial industries and white-collar work. We can help you sign a suspension agreement by proxy, interpret provisions in the collective agreement, advise and / or assist you in negotiations with the local union - regardless of whether it concerns questions about earning a reduction in working hours or a specific dismissal situation.


It does not matter if you are a member of an employers' organization and may have received an answer but want a "second opinion", or if you are alone with a signed suspension agreement and are thus excluded from the employers' organizations' advice. We are here for you.

Read more about us who work at CvZ Juridik, we all have different education, experience and cutting-edge skills, together we have created an enormously strong team that stands behind you and your business.

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