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Law adapted to the needs and conditions of the industry

Our lawyers have experience of working with a number of industry organizations in both the manufacturing industry and the service sector.

This means that there is an understanding and knowledge the needs of different industries differ. What can be stated, however, is that the industries have one thing in common and that is the need for industry-specific legal advice.


This is where CvZ comes in as a given advisor, both for the industry organization as such, but also for the industry organization's members.


How often should the general terms and conditions be updated?

What does the letter about fault liability mean in the industry's general delivery regulations?

What happens if you do not observe your third party liability in the agreements?

Can you have provisions in your own agreement that differ from the industry's delivery terms?

We help with:

  • Interpretation of general delivery terms and conditions.

  • Preparation and review of contract documents.

  • Support and representation in case of dispute.

  • Organizational and association law, statutes and questions about membership.

  • Structure and issues of insurance coverage and liability issues.

Do you need legal advice?

Contact us today!

Do not hesitate to contact us with your employment law challenges. 

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