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The pandemic's impact on labor law
The pandemic's impact on labor law

The pandemic's impact on labor law

- Current issues, current law and practical tips!

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Tid och plats

Nov 03, 2020, 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM


Om evenemanget

A warm welcome to this webinar that CvZ Juridik together with Swedish Labtechs organizes on November 3rd. 

During the seminar, lawyers Alexander Clomén and Vanessa von Zweigbergk give an update on the law that has become particularly relevant in the aftermath of covid-19.    The content is specially designed based on some of the labor law issues that have arisen among the members due to the pandemic.

During the seminar we will go through:

  • Layoff - application, layout and follow-up
  • Homework and work environment - responsibility and management
  • New employment / dismissals, forms of employment and practical management
  • Sick leave - temporary rules, responsibilities and practical management
  • Overtime - the employee's obligations and rights

After the seminar, there will be opportunities to ask questions to Alexander and Vanessa!

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