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Labor law

The more you know, the better you can handle labor law challenges

Labor law can be a bit tricky to navigate, and there are a lot of pitfalls to avoid.

As the British philosopher Sir Francis Bacon once said, knowledge is power. 

The more knowledge you have, the easier it is to avoid pitfalls.


Our lawyers have several years of experience in making labor law more understandable and accessible to non-lawyers and entrepreneurs. By communicating the rules in a pedagogical way and ensuring progression takes place at an appropriate pace, we have advanced the knowledge of many participants through our courses and seminars. 

Generally comprehensive and tailor-made educations

We offer training in areas in which we possess cutting-edge expertise. Labour law is one of them.

CvZ Juridik's lawyers have many years of experience in making the law understandable and manageable for our entrepreneurs. By applying a pedagogical approach and dissecting the law into more easy-to-understand parts, you as a participant will hopefully leave our course with an in-depth understanding of various areas of law.

We understand how much is on your plate as an entrepreneur and as a result how valuable your time is. Therefore, our courses offer training that quickly provides a general overview of areas of law or parts of areas of law. We also know that through experience, many entrepreneurs already have a substantial understanding of labor law but may want to make their knowledge more comprehensive.

- What applies to employment and redundancies?

- How do you achieve a factual basis for dismissal?

- How do you handle mismanagement in the right way?

- When can I give a written reminder?

- What pitfalls should I look for in a collaboration agreement?

- How do I make a risk assessment and an action plan?

- How should I handle accusations of abusive discrimination?

- What do I do when my customer refuses to pay?

The above are examples of issues that we address in our courses in labor law, work environment, contract law and other business law.

General education

Every year we hold a number of training courses in employment law. Due to the pandemic, we have not been able to have physical training, which has meant that we have shortened our training to seminars that are held via a link.


Examples of topics in employment law we provide, currently via link:


  • "Employ right"
    - Here we go through, among other things, basic legislation in the area, forms of employment and the importance of writing employment contracts.

  • "Termination or dismissal"
    - There is a big difference between these two processes both practically and legally. We go through these and explain when each measure can be used.

  • "Factual grounds for dismissal - lack of work and personal reasons"
    - The procedure for dismissal differs between lack of work and situations relating to personal reasons. Both situations are reviewed and we look at what is required to achieve a factual basis.

Tailor-made educations


As a company, you have your own challenges. Maybe you have your own HR staff who need training in specific parts of employment law, or you have a specific collective agreement in which you want in-depth knowledge.


Examples of advanced courses we have had are:


  • The practical and legal difference
    - termination due to personal reasons or dismissal

  • Management of long-term sick leave
    Work adaptation and rehabilitation

Get more information about our educations

We tailor training for your organization's needs and level of knowledge. Our services are provided in a pragmatic and accessible way, for large and established companies as well as for smaller, fast-growing companies.

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